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Animal Chiropractic in Havana

Dr Bleem adjusting chickenWhether you have a four-legged friend who lives with you or a large farm animal, they can benefit from natural chiropractic care at Bleem Family Chiropractic.

A Need to Get Back to the Barn

Dr. Bleem added animal chiropractic to his practice in February 2019. Why animal chiropractic? For one, Dr. Bleem grew up on a dairy farm and has been around animals his entire life. Between the desire to diversify his practice and his desire to “get back to the barn”, Dr. Bleem began looking for Animal Chiropractic Colleges to attend. “Animal Chiropractic allows me to expand my scope and help not only humans but animals and their neurological issues.”

Dr. Bleem completed his extensive course of study at Options for Animals – Animal Chiropractic College in Wellsville, Kansas. He went on to certify with the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association and the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

With veterinary referral, Dr. Bleem sees small and large animals out of his office, at regional veterinary clinics, or on-site (stables or barns).

Animal Adjusting Fees

Chiropractic Adjustment

  • Small Animal: $60.00
  • Large Animal: $110.00
  • Exotic Animal: $50.00
  • Laser, Small & Large Animal: $45.00

Travel Pricing

  • Less than 30 miles = $15.00
  • 30-60 miles = $35.00
  • 60-75 miles = $50.00
  • 75 + miles = add $1/mile

Symptoms That May indicate Subluxation-Induced Pain

Since your animal can’t tell you when it’s in pain, here are some symptoms to watch for:

  • Abnormal posture such as lowered head carriage
  • Reluctance to move, climb stairs, or jump on to raised areas
  • Signs of pain when being lifted, or performing specific movements
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Changes in behavior
  • Undefined lameness, ambling or slow gait, worn down nails on one or more pads
  • Altered sitting position (puppy sitting)
  • Licks granuloma on legs or paws
  • Recurrent ear or anal gland infections
  • Frequent digestive problems

Chiropractic can successfully remove interference in your animal’s nervous system so the above symptoms and others can resolve. Chiropractic is safe, noninvasive and drug-free.



How often does my pet need to be seen?

This question must be answered on an individual basis for each patient. In most cases, a single session is not enough to eliminate the problem. The goal of chiropractic care is to address neurological dysfunction in the spine and restore mobility. It is then the task of the muscles and ligaments to support the spine and maintain this new realigned position.

What is a pet adjustment like?

When a chiropractor or a veterinarian, professionally trained in animal chiropractic, identifies a subluxation, he or she aims to correct the lack of movement in the spine and restore mobility to the facet joints.

Realignment is made via a quick, short thrust along the plane of the joint. This is called an adjustment, which is a very specific, high speed, low force maneuver that restores movement of the affected joint by taking it beyond the normal physiological articular range of movement, and without exceeding the boundaries of anatomical integrity.

It is done by placing the hands directly on the affected vertebrae (previously identified in the examination). Only subluxated vertebrae are adjusted.

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