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Make Yourself at Home at Bleem Family Chiropractic

Dr. Renold Bleem and his wife Melanie welcome you!

The Bleem’s welcome you!

Havana Chiropractor Provides Relief

Dr. Renold Bleem and his Havana chiropractic team welcome to you to Bleem Family Chiropractic where you can count on relief and support in your wellness journey. We will determine what is adversely affecting your nervous system and work to correct it as quickly as possible to provide the relief you are looking for. But it doesn’t stop there – Our team is eager to answer your questions about diet and exercise as well, to help you live life to the fullest. We are honored to care for people at their time of need and will do our best to provide an upbeat, friendly caring atmosphere for you! We will also continually improve ourselves, our procedures, scientific knowledge, technologies and techniques for the benefit of those we have been entrusted to care for. This is just one of the many principles that our team strives to follow when we partner with our patients in their wellness journey.

Begin Your Wellness Journey Here

Whether you’re looking for relief or answers regarding the symptoms you are experiencing, our team is here to help through chiropractic, acupuncture and nutritional guidance. We can help determine if chiropractic care is a good fit for you and your family. Give us a call today! We look forward to meeting you soon! (309) 543-4341

Havana Chiropractor, Dr. Renold Bleem | Bleem Family Chiropractic | (309) 543-4341

  • Overall experience was great. Thank you

    - John C.
  • My visit with the clinic was awesome! Amy was very helpful and made the visit very comfortable. Dr. Bleem was also wonderful. He listened to all my issues, checked me over thoroughly and made the adjustments that were needed. I am already feeling 100% better and will definitely be back!

    - Mandi S.
  • Excellent and prompt service

    - Kaleb L.
  • I don’t like going new places, but all staff made my experience a great one. The office was very welcoming and had a friendly atmosphere. The staff took a genuine interest in me and my life which was comforting. Definitely glad I choice to go here!

    - Sadie K.
  • Very pleased. Loved the experience with both members of the staff that I have talked to. I was actually seen early. Which is also positive. Worked in quickly, appreciated the fact that I was listened to, by not only the staff but also the doctor. And essential oils rock. Loved the smell when I walked in.

    - Charnell F.
  • Amy always greeted me with a smile and is very courteous. The atmosphere in the office is always inviting. It is nice to be able to get health supplements in Havana. Melanie is always helpful with insurance questions. I appreciate the fact that Ren sits down and takes time with my issues. Thank you all for your professionalism

    - Debra B.
  • Great Doc. Explains things well great care.

    - John S.
  • I liked the friendly and professional attitude of the staff. Dr. Bleem is very knowledgeable. He is easy to understand and patiently answered all my questions.

    - Shirley L.
  • I felt very welcomed since the first minute! I was in serious pain and the treatment worked very well. Amazing!

    - Juliana T.
  • I just moved to this area, so I was skeptical to try a new chiropractor! As I had been going to the same Dr for almost 20yrs. Immediately I knew I was in the right place!! Inviting and knowledgeable! I would highly recommend Bleem Chiropractic!!

    - Laura C.
  • For it being my first time Dr Bleem was very easy on me but did what he was suppose to do.

    - Christina H.
  • Appreciate getting in the first day I called! Staff was very helpful with the insurance info which was very much appreciated!

    - Bradley H.
  • Very happy so far.

    - Scott P.
  • Everyone was kind and helpful. I was put at ease rather quickly.

    - Rodney S.